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Alter Aeon Area - Dentin's Workshop Level 1: Creature Creation

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Recommended Area Level:  28
Creator(s):              shadowfax schlyne gandor
Location:                Outer Planar Realms

Nearby Areas   -
West           - Dentin's Workshop Level 2: Research and Development
South          - Dentin's Workshop Level 3: Kitchen and Underworks
East           - Dentin's Workshop Level 4: Banquet Table

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The mob factory was a project conceived by a clever demon named Antidentin.
The idea was to construct a facility that could aid immortals with inventing
mobs and then allow mass production of the newly created mobs.  It is located
under the Light Forest West.  The factory has recently been opened to the
public, and visitors are more than welcome to come in and start killing
things.  The factory utilizes a wide variety of monsters, from the mundane to
the insane.  All would do well to mind the warning sign posted at the

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