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Alter Aeon Area - The Northern Ocean

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Recommended Area Level:  31
Creator(s):              shadowfax ancalagon
Location:                The Alter Aeon Mainland

Nearby Areas   -
Southeast      - Kitsune Island
East           - Dargonesti, water elves beneath north ocean
West           - Isle of the Red Rose
North          - Skaven lair
East           - Olympus

The large body of water between the mainland and the northern continent is
known by many different names, but it most commonly referred to by its
simplest moniker: the Northern Ocean.  A myriad of islands await exploration,
and treasures are to be had in the ocean's depths.

A word to the wise:  the ocean can be very dangerous.  Ravenous and powerful
creatures lurk amongst the waves.  There is a good reason why those travelling
between continents decide to take the ferry instead of braving the ocean on
their own. 

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