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Alter Aeon Area - Gthl'rooj and the Trollway

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Recommended Area Level:  37
Creator(s):              draak shadowfax
Location:                The Mainland of Atmir

Nearby Areas   -
North          - Fire Swamps
Northwest      - The Murlock Swamp
Northeast      - Ooahu, on the Trollway
Northeast      - Dikeman's Atoll
West           - The lower K'tinga River

Between Behr'zok and West Naginag stretches a north-south
coastal road called the Troll Way. It runs along the edge
of wetlands bordering the Mengaw forest, the primary habitat 
for an obnoxious race of monkey trolls. The village of 
Gthl'rooj lies along the Troll Way just north of Behr'zok.
This primitive settlement is home to a mixture of various
murlock tribes. Though poor, it boasts a pair of tourist
attractions: The Wild Dryad, a hunting lodge on the edge of
the jungle, and the ruins of Q'Ital, a famous pilgrimage site.
Various native animals can be butchered and bounties claimed
at the lodge.  Q'Ital draws many visitors from the Isle of
Naginag, to study their ancient heritage and gaze from the 
top of the fabled Tower of Q'Ital. 

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