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Alter Aeon Area - Ooahu, on the Trollway

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Recommended Area Level:  37
Creator(s):              draak shadowfax
Location:                The Mainland of Atmir

Nearby Areas   -
Southwest      - Fire Swamps
Northeast      - The Ignora Trench
Southeast      - Dikeman's Atoll
North          - West Naginag
Southwest      - Gthl'rooj and the Trollway

Related Quests -
Level 39       - Reassembled Oathbreaker, sword of Chaos
Level 38       - Helped Djorb become a master biomancer
Level 38       - Helped Larsagauga become a master geomancer

This village is the home of the Ooahu tribe of murlocks.  It is located
near the east coast of the mainland, just south of West Naginag.  It lies
on the northeastern edge of the Murlock Swamps along the Trollway.

The village is the site of what once was the chief settlement of the
powerful and populous murlock nation lead by the Ooahu tribe.  Before the
existence of the Naginag Combine, the Ooahu tribe steadily increased in
strength by defeating neighboring murlock tribes and taking control of
them--the conquest and subsequent absorption of the Mengaw being their most
noteworthy victory.  The Ooahu Empire were rivals of the nearby Duchy of
Westfall, and hostilities came to a head during the Trans-River War.  The
Ooahu betrayed the Luglugl and fought with Westfall during multiple
skirmishes during the war.  Even though neither side was able to triumph
over the other, the emnity between the Ooahu and Westfall persists even to
this day, manifesting as blatant racism.

After Queen Azshara gained control of West Naginag, the Ooahu were invited
to join the newly created Naginag Combine.  They refused, and,
consequently, the Ooahu became the first victim of the wrath of the young
nation.  The murlock tribe was summarily conquered, and many Ooahu were
brutally slain even after they had surrendered.

Modern Ooahu is a hamlet of a few hundred souls. The village sits on
drained swampland at the base of a small hill.  Most Ooahu live in wooden
huts with thatched flax roofs, but many huts are vacant and have fallen
into ruin.  Some newer log cabins have built to replace the dilapidated
houses.  A wall has been erected around the remaining occupied homes.  A
large garrison occupies the village despite its small size, accounting for
the greater portion of its permanent population.

The Ooahu take advantage of the nearby swamps to cultivate paddies of
sheum, a sweet variety of long-grain rice.  They also grow watermelons,
flax and several different kinds of spices, including rare truffles. 
Various forms of chalcedony can be found in the mine under the village's

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