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Alter Aeon Areas - Complete List

This list of areas is provided by the Aozumi branch of the Ralnoth
Cartographers Guild.  Detailed maps of some of the more explored
areas are available from any Guild branch office, for a small
donation used only to help fund expeditions into the unknown.

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Outer Planar Realms

Whether on different planes of existence or simply exceedingly far away,
these 'outer planar regions' are accessible from various locations
on the world and may or may not be safe for mortals. Many of these
planes are home to elementals - alien creatures composed primarily of
a single substance.

 Level  Description                                      Creators
[   24] Asgaard                                          vember
[   28] Outer planar ice world                           dentin
[   28] Fire World underground tunnels                   dentin skinny dowart buffboy
[   28] Biological engineering lab                       dentin
[   28] Dentin's Workshop Level 1: Creature Creation     shadowfax schlyne gandor
[   28] The Fire World of Khinzhai                       dentin morpheus inessa
[   28] Dentin's Workshop Level 4: Banquet Table         kagome
[   28] Dentin's Workshop Level 3: Kitchen and Underworksalessandra gorlak gamlin
[   28] Elemental plane of earth                         draak
[   28] Dentin's Workshop Level 2: Research and Developmentgandor shadowfax
[   34] The Challenge of Elements                        shadowfax chance osiris
[   34] The Dome Sea, Tlalocan                           draak
[   35] The Temple of Sand and Water, Tlalocan           draak dragonblade slingblade
[   35] Mirror world                                     brak
[   36] Chicomoztoc, the Place of Seven Caves            draak shadowfax
[   36] The world of Gaseous Gosades                     shadowfax
[   38] The Giant's Dream                                kagome
[   39] The Planar Knot observation platform             dentin
[   45] The Realm of Hades, Gates and Elysian Field      draak capitolina charis maxx
[   45] The Fathomless Bathysphere                       draak
[   45] The Realm of Hades, Asphodel Meadow              glorida draak capitolina

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