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FAQ Section 12 - [advanced] How do I write descriptions and use the editor?

Question 12.1 - What's a description? What's the editor? A description is a paragraph describing something. Examples would be your personal character description (when you type "set desc"), an object description (when you type "look" at an object) and even a post on a message board. The editor is what was used to make these descriptions.
Question 12.2 - How do I exit the editor if I get stuck? You can exit the editor by typing the '@' (at sign) symbol and hitting enter. You may have to type it and hit enter twice, as there are 2 different editor modes.
Question 12.3 - What are some ways I can use the editor without messing something up? To start with, you can set how your character looks to other players by using the "set desc" command. You can also set your personality and history by typing "set history", or "set personality". If you haven't used the editor before, you should read the next section about how to use it before you do this.
Question 12.4 - How do I use the first part of the editor? (enter mode) When you first enter the editor, your prompt will turn into a ']' (right bracket). This is called "enter mode", where you can enter the raw text you want in your description. Anything you enter here will be what your description says, do not type any editing commands. If you need to use an edit command while you're still in enter mode, you can simply add a '/' (forward slash) before the command. As in the examples: /format 72 Would tell the editor to format ALL of your post at 72 character width. /show Would show you what you've written so far, with line numbers before each line. You don't have to use the slash character to send commands while you're in enter mode, you will automatically enter edit mode after you're finished typing. You can tell the mud you're done by typing the '@' (at sign) symbol. Your prompt will turn into "edit>", and you will move into the next section!
Question 12.5 - How do I use the second part of the editor? (edit mode) This is the "edit mode", where you prompt has turned into "edit>". This mode is very important, and allows you to format things, change line numbers, and fix typos if you made any. It also allows you to delete lines and basically manage your text. There is a help page for the editor available if you type "help 3.editor", but the basic commands are as follows: show Show you what you've entered, with line numbers on the side. format Format your entire post at the default width, which is 76 characters. Remember - the formatter will put lines of text together in one paragraph, unless they are separated by an extra (completely blank) line. look Show you what you've entered without line numbers. delete <line number> Delete a specific line number. You can also specify two numbers to delete all of the lines in between them. insert <line number> append <line number> These two commands will put you in enter mode before (as in insert) or after (as in append) a given line number, so that you can enter more text. change <line number> Change a given line number to whatever you type after the line number. Example: "change 5 has dark hair." quit Quit the editor, and tell the mud you're completely finished with your description. parse This command will bypass the editor entirely, and send a command to the mud. If you wanted to nod while still in edit mode, you could type "parse nod". All of these commands can be abbreviated. Additionally, all of these commands can be used from "enter mode" simply by prepending what you want with a '/' (forward slash).
Question 12.6 - How do I delete a description? Usually, you can delete a description by setting it to NULL. An example would be: set history NULL This command will delete your 'history' description.
Question 12.7 - How do I delete a board post I made? You can delete a board post you wrote, or one written to you by typing: remove <post number> <board name> So for example, if you wanted to remove post number 25 from a board called "board", it would be: remove 25 board
Question 12.8 - How do I modify a description without re-doing it entirely? Usually if you add the word "edit" after the setting command, the game will interpret your intent to enter edit mode on the description, rather than nuking it entirely to start over. An example would be: set history edit or alias = regen edit
Question 12.9 - How do I modify a board post? You can't. Modifying board posts would cause too much confusion, and currently isn't supported. You can remove board posts you've written, but not modify them after they've been posted. If you made an error, your best bet is to simply delete it and re-post it with the new edit.
Question 12.10 - Is there a limit to how big my description can be? Yes, but it's very, very hard to hit. As long as you're not typing a novel into the description editor, you should be fine. The editor can support about a page and a half of text.

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