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Alter Aeon FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ 13.1 - What does it take to start and run a mud?

At the very least, you should have no life. However, here are some other things you should have or be familiar with before you start to make your own mud: 1) You should know a programming language, preferrably C, C++, or Java. Visual basic will probably not be sufficient. 2) You should understand the concept of memory management. 3) You should know basic unix commands, and be able to function in a unix environment. 4) You should know how to run gcc, and how to use a makefile. 5) You should not be using windows to run or program your mud. Get a Linux machine. 6) If you intend to make your mud open to the public, you should have a dedicated connection for it. A cable modem would work for small numbers of users, and for larger muds you can buy server space from one of the many mud hosting companies. If you lack these things, your life will be difficult, and it is quite likely that you will fail. It is likely that you will fail anyway - running a mud is a very large, time consuming project. Good luck!

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