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FAQ 15.15 - What order should I build things in my area?

Dentin's recommended approach to building areas is to do most of the room layout first, using between 50 and 70 rooms. This gives you a rough idea of how big the area will be, and where you can put things. Once you have the basic layout, start setting long descs on the rooms, and create a handful of the more important mobs in various places Don't bother to set stats on them unless you really know what you're doing. Over time, start adding decoration objects to the rooms as you're describing them. When you get to important mobs, start creating generic equipment for them. Don't bother to set stats on this stuff either. As you keep filling out the rooms, mobs, and objects, you'll notice that you can put extra, interesting rooms here and there to expand out the area. Use some of your unused rooms for that to give it more flavor. Try to always leave at least ten rooms unused in every 100 room block. Once you've got all the mobs described and created, use the 'rack mcheck' command to check their levels. Adjust the mob levels so that you've got between one and four boss category mobs, and try to keep everything else as exp or decoration. Some of your boss mobs might also be fame if the area is high level. Use the 'mset overall' command to set the stats and level on your mobs. Similarly, use 'rack ocheck' to check objects as you're setting stats and levels on them. Finally, before your area can be released, make sure that you take care of all the errors, and understand all the warnings on the 'rack check' command. If your rack check has more than a few warnings, the area will be rejected outright. Good luck!

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