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Alter Aeon FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ Section 19 - [policy] Game mechanic policy decisions

Question 19.1 - Informational - what is this? This section is a holding pen for gameplay design decisions that may not be obvious, or that may get lost over time as builders and coders drift in and out of circulation. This is necessary as there may be frequent misunderstandings about the purpose of a feature, or there may be frequent requests to modify some feature to make it 'better', or to remove some restriction that players find annoying. While a lot of things can in fact be made better, some features and restrictions are intentionally designed to operate a certain way. In some cases, the functionality can be critical, or can seriously affect gameplay in an unobvious way. For features in this class, it is better to have a list of them than to accidentally change them and damage the game structure. Hence, this faq entry. See also for some general information about the AA in-game cosmology model.
Question 19.2 - Waypoints are not supposed to cross planes While waypoints are convenient, they are very explicitly not intended to allow travel between planes. If a player finds themselves stranded on a remote plane, they must find some other way out than a waypoint. Recalling and portals are both fine. There are two exceptions to this rule: the hall of boards, and clan areas. It should always be possible to waypoint to these areas and back to your starting location. Note that this will not allow you to use the hall of boards or clan areas to bridge between planes. Both exceptions are for non-gameplay areas that allow players to communicate and interact with each other.
Question 19.3 - If a room has a fire in it, it should be an object While most static features in rooms, such as furniture, decor, rugs, etc. do not need to exist as objects, campfires, firepits, fireplaces and other features that involve open flame that might be reasonably used to heat and cook with should be made as objects of the FIRE type, typically with NO_SAC and NO_TAKE flags. This adds a passive regeneration effect for resting and sleeping characters in a room, and also allows characters to use the cooking skill. If you find a room where the long description mentions a fire and there is no such object, it is appropriate to add one or typo log it for the responsible builder to handle.
Question 19.4 - Barrier exit flags and GAME_AUTOMATION room flags If you need to make rooms where players are not supposed to enter, make sure they are connected to the rest of rooms in your area. You can prevent players from seeing the exit and entering the room by setting a barrier flag on the exit into the room. This will ensure the room is properly mapped and not widowed as part of a fragmented negatve plane by the mapper. A GAME_AUTOMATION flag will prevent the room from showing up on where, block scrying spells and otherwise prevent players from seeing it using remote methods.

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