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FAQ 2.10 - Custom Player Strings

There are seven types of strings that are settable on players: Ground string - 1000 credits Sleep string - 1000 credits Rest string - 1000 credits Recall strings - 1000 credits Fire spell colors - 1000 credits Crystal spell colors - 1000 credits Lightning spell colors - 1000 credits Restrictions on strings: All strings have to be somewhat in theme with the mud, or not so obviously out of place that they are annoying. Character strings should also have your characters' name in them. Specifically, something like: Duke Nukem stands before you with his rocket launcher in hand. would be totally unacceptable for a player named 'jed'. It would also be unacceptable for players 'duke' and 'nukem' as well due to context. All strings MUST contain the full, proper, and capitalized name of the player. Other players must be able to identify a player from the ground string. You cannot select a ground string that looks like a common object, for example corpses. Ground, rest, sleep, and recall strings may be a different color than the default. They may not contain color changes inside the string. Spell colors are a special customization for various mage spells. You can pick one of several colors for these spells when they are cast. See for example 'credit buy firecolor' for details and cost. Note that fight strings are no longer available for purchase. They caused too many issues with quests and game mechanics, even for the few that were requested.

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