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FAQ 2.6 - In-game Credits

In-game credits are used to purchase all of the things listed in this 'donations' faq. You can trade credits with other players at any time. The conversion rate is 100 Credits per Dollar for small transactions. If you buy in bulk, you can get a bit more: 1,000 In-game credits - $ 10.00 2,500 In-game credits - $ 25.00 5,000 In-game credits - $ 50.00 10,500 In-game credits - $ 100.00 (5% extra) 21,250 In-game credits - $ 200.00 (6% extra) 55,000 In-game credits - $ 500.00 (10% extra) 112,500 In-game credits - $1000.00 (12% extra) 230,000 In-game credits - $2000.00 (15% extra) All values are in US dollars. If we have to do currency conversion, please add a reasonable amount to cover conversion fees and processing. You can use the residual to buy small items or gold from other players. Once you have credits, you can use them to buy anything on the donation lists. For example, you could use 1000 credits to buy a ground string, or you could trade 1000 credits to another player, which the other player could use to buy a ground string. While credits can be used to buy anything on the donation list, they cannot be converted back into dollars. They must either be spent in game or traded to other players.

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