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FAQ 2.8 - Clan related donations

Clan elders can buy several different things for their clan: Clan gold (dues only) - 1000 credits per 1 million gold Start a clan war - 50 credits Clan bank flag - 1000 credits Clan forge - 1000 credits Clan table - 1000 credits Extra bulletin boards - 1000 credits each Additional clan rooms - 100 credits per room Clan equipment storage - 1000 credits to enable Add decorative clan mob - 1000 credits Setup/rename clan trader - 1000 credits one-time setup fee Clan recall strings - 1000 credits Clan area name - 1000 credits Clan rank strings - 1000 credits Clan equipment restrings - 1000 credits each (eq restrings require a trader) Clan equipment renames existing objects only, with one specific object type and wear location. Your clan may have up to 16 of these objects. Clan equipment strings are subject to admin approval, since they are seen by everyone. See the 'credit buy' command for details on how to buy clan things. Other things to keep in mind: - Clans can only have 50 million gold in dues. - You can't buy gold for the clan account, only dues. - You can use 'credit buy clan' to start a clan using credits instead of gold. - The clan room fee is a setup fee to allow your clan to create the extra room. Clan dues do not increase until you actually create the room using the 'set room create' command. See 'help clan area' and 'help credit buy' for more information.

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