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FAQ 20.3 - I know my vnums, what should I try to build first?

The first thing you should try to do is make a few rooms and get used to the commands. The primary commands you will want to use are 'goto', 'rset exit', 'rlink', 'rcreate', 'rset short', and 'rset long'. These commands allow you to create, connect and name rooms as well as move between them. The easiest way to create a new room is to use 'rset exit' or 'rlink' to create a connection to it, then walk through the exit. The destination room will be created automatically when you walk through the exit. When you are done creating a few rooms, you should use the 'rset save' command to write the room file to disk and save them. NOTE THAT ANY ROOMS YOU CREATE WILL NOT SAVE UNLESS YOU SET EITHER A SHORT OR LONG DESCRIPTION FOR THAT ROOM! The help pages for the above commands are very thorough, please read them. When you are familiar with rooms, it may be time to work on mobs, objects, and doors. There is a lot to learn, so don't be surprised if the going is slow.

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