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FAQ 20.5 - I built a bunch of stuff while experimenting, how do I delete it?

Most of the time, you don't need to actually delete anything. The recommend thing to do is build over the top of the vnums you don't need, replacing the old strings and data with new. If you really, truly need to delete things though, you need a reboot. Use the following commands so that the vnums won't save: Rooms - go to room, type 'rset delete' Doors - 'dset edit <door number>', then 'dset name NULL' Mobs - 'mload <mob number>', then 'mset <mob number> fight NULL' Objs - 'oload <obj number>', then 'oset <obj number> inv NULL' It is very important that 'NULL' be uppercase. When you are done setting things to NULL, use rset/mset/oset save, and the vnums will be gone on the next reboot. Note: do not delete your header room, the one ending in 00. Don't delete your header mobs or objects either.

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