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Alter Aeon FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ 23.2 - How do I create a new mob?

Use the 'mcreate' command to create it. This will create the vnum, and will also load a copy of the mob in the room with you. You can then use the 'mset' command to modify it. When creating a new mob, this is the recommended procedure: 1) create the vnum with mcreate 2) give the mob its name, fight string, ground string, and long description 3) use 'mset <mob name> overall' to set race, type, and general level 5) stat the mob with 'mstat', and make changes as needed 6) add special procedures, programs, and interactives You should also save the mobs stats from time to time so that new copies of vnum will load with your updated stats. The command to do this is 'mset <mob name> save'. Note that 'mset save' is different from 'mset <mob name> save'! Before logging out, you should also save all the mob vnums you have modified with the 'mset save' command. This command writes all the vnum data to disk. If the mud crashes before you use 'mset save', some of your changes could be lost.

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