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FAQ 23.7 - Now that I can see my mobs stats, how do I change them?

Use the 'mset' command. Usually you can use commands like: mset mob hp 450 mset mob hitroll 13 mset mob die 4d15 mset mob dex 20 mset mob level 17 You can also change the names and strings of the mobs: mset mob name mob silly tester mset mob fight A silly tester mob mset mob ground A silly tester mob waits for you to change its stats. mset mob long After changing your mob to what you want, make sure to use the 'mset <mobname> save' command! This will save the stats on your current mob, so future copies of it will have the same stats. You will also want to use the 'mset save' command from time to time to save ALL of your mob changes to disk.

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