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Alter Aeon FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ 23.9 - How do I keep my mob from wandering all over the place?

There are many different ways to do this, but keep in mind that your rooms and mobs have to work in concert - you can set rooms so that certain mobs can wander into them, while other mobs cannot. Room flag Mob flag Effect ----------------------------------------------- NOMOB WANDERLUST Mobs can't enter nomob rooms unless wanderlust ANTI_RED RED Red mobs can't enter antired rooms ANTI_GREEN GREEN Green mobs can't enter antigreen rooms ANTI_BLUE BLUE Blue mobs can't enter antiblue rooms Room terrain Effect ----------------------------------------------- UNDERWATER Mob needs WATERBREATHING flag to move/survive WATER Mob needs BOAT or FLY flag to enter AIR Mob needs FLY flag to enter Mob flag Effect ----------------------------------------------- STAYWATER Mob will not wander out of water rooms STAYZONE Mob will not wander outside the bounds of yur area Note that low level builders can not set the wanderlust flag - wanderlust mobs can roam outside of area boundaries and this can mess up other areas pretty easily. If you need a wanderlust flag, you'll have to talk to a worldbuilder and let them know why it's necessary.

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