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Alter Aeon FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ Section 3 - Channels and talking to other players

Question 3.1 - Why don't I see anyone talking? The most likely reason is that you're only listening to channels that have few people on them. Players can create both private and public channels, and often create channels for friends or for special purposes. Ask around and you'll find that there's a lot going on. You can also check the channel list, using the 'channel list' command. The channels with the highest usage are at the top. Some channels are password protected or are invite-only.
Question 3.2 - How can I create a channel? Virtually all players use the so called 'user defined' channels, which are channels created, owned, and regulated by players. When connecting to a user channel, you should conform to the rules of the channel. Anyone can create their own channel. See 'help channel' for the full documentation on channels. Other commands of interest: channel list channel connect <channel name> misc <message you want to send to the channel you are connected to> channel disconnect <channel name>

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