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Alter Aeon Live Game Information

This part of the official Alter Aeon web site contains help, FAQs,
news, and lots of other information about the game.  Everything is
updated in real time, and should match what's going on in the game.

For downloads, articles, links and other information, please see
the Main Alter Aeon Web Site.

    Search for Help   - search the online help.
    Browse            - browse help files roughly by subject.
    Commands          - a list of all commands used to play the game.
    Alter Aeon FAQ    - Frequently Asked Questions, and answers.

Gameplay Information
    Spells And Skills - a list of all available spells and skills.
    Stores And Shops  - price lists for various well known stores.
    Gods              - see what gods can be followed and worshipped.
    Recent Changes    - shows recent additions to the mud server.
    News              - shows current news summary.

Areas and Places To Go
    Quests            - the most popular in-game quests.
    Area Listings     - area descriptions and locations.
    The Great Library - texts from the Great Library in-game.
    New Areas         - new areas that have recently opened!

    Leaderboards      - see which players are currently on top.
    Clans             - see what clans are currently in power.
    Event Logs        - a list of things players have recently done.
    Who's Playing     - see who is currently logged on.

Brews and Potions
    Potion Recipes    - common recipes for brewing potions.
    Poison Recipes    - recipes for brewing deadly poisons.
    Antidote Recipes  - recipes for common poison antidotes.
    Salve Recipes     - recipes for common druid salves.

Boards and Forums
    Boards            - publicly accessible boards and forums.
    Active Channels   - recent discussions on in-game channels.

Other Information
    Rules of Conduct  - Rules of Conduct for players of all levels.
    Other Information - old leader boards and other game info.
    Player Stats      - check the stats of an existing player.
    Graph Data        - shows miscellaneous graphs and statistics.

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