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Alter Aeon Area - The Shifting Dimensional Forest

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Recommended Area Level:  32
Creator(s):              islaine
Location:                Magical Realms

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Only one report of this fabled land exists, and is known to the few scribes
and mages who have access to the full writings of Durham:

"Upon completing the spell, a portal opened, and I looked through it.  The
portal had apparently opened in mid-air, high above a small savannah plain.
Looking down, I sensed something magical about the place, and upon casting a
detection spell I saw a virtual flood of mana pouring through the open
portal. To the north a shimmering forest flickered on the ground, parts of it
seeming to phase in and out of existance as the many unnatural colors changed
and spread like ripples. All seemed peaceful as I surveyed the area, but as
my gaze shifted east, a lone peak shrouded in black clouds sent a shiver of
foreboding down my spine.  After an instant I recognized it (from the ancient
writings I found in the Demon City of Qoorik) as the place where a great
battle imprisoned an ancient Chimaera.

Abruptly the portal closed, and I was unable to see anything further."

Unfortunately, it seems that if Durham ever did find this place, he never
left any records of the event. 

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