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Alter Aeon Area - The City of Hartmur

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Recommended Area Level:  35
Creator(s):              tempus khrystyne morpheus
Location:                The Mainland of Atmir

Nearby Areas   -
Northeast      - Haunted Mansion in Hartmur
Southwest      - Shadow Assassin Guildhall
West           - Shrine Hills
West           - The Jo'Kerin bazaar
West           - Temple of Schlyne

Related Quests -
Level 36       - Answered the Governor of Hartmur's plea for assistance.
Level 37       - Drove away the nightmare of Loneliness.
Level 37       - Drove away the nightmare of Anger.
Level 37       - Drove away the nightmare of Pain.
Level 37       - Drove away the nightmare of Regret.
Level 37       - Drove away the nightmares that haunted the Governor ...

High up in the treacherous Ash Mountains is the city of Hartmur. The city
lies upon a long dead trade route through the mountain range. The eldest of
the citizens can remember a time when the city was beautiful to look upon...
before the darkness came. A powerful spell, woven by the mages of what has
become known as the Undead City, keeps the sky overcast with a thick cover of
clouds. The people began to despair - the days were in twilight, and the
nights blackest pitch. Undead from the nearby city began roaming the street,
people were afraid to go outside, keeping their doors barred shut.

The Mage Guild and Black Temple came shortly after the darkness enveloped the
city. Only a few people have any scraps of knowledge about the strange tower
in the middle of market square or the hideous Temple along Royal Street.
Those who seek out the dangers of either without learning all they can are
never heard from again... a few return as gibbering madmen. 

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