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Alter Aeon Area - The Lost Catacombs of Khal-Moria

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Recommended Area Level:  33
Creator(s):              darklord tarrant
Location:                The Mainland of Atmir

Nearby Areas   -
West           - The griffin infested peak
South          - The Troll Downs
Northeast      - The dwarven kingdom of Khal-MinDur
West           - Khal-Moria, the dwarven mines and catacombs
Southwest      - The necropolis of Q'monmwer

Related Quests -
Level 37       - Reassembled SoulReaper, Sword of the Nine Hells

The dwarven catacombs run deep into the earth, even to the very heart of the
world itself, it is said.  Some of those tunnels deep underground have been
sealed off--closed to contain an ancient evil.  Beyond the thick portcullises
it is said that there is a hidden city deep inside the core of the earth.
The dwarves say that an evil being fed on the souls of their fallen people
millenia ago, and that the city was lost to evil.  Immense treasures may
await those willing to explore, but be warned:  many have entered the
foribidden tunnels, but far fewer have returned. 

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