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Alter Aeon Area - Jo'Kerin, the Cursed City

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Recommended Area Level:  35
Creator(s):              heart
Location:                The Mainland of Atmir

Nearby Areas   -
Northeast      - The Jo'Kerin bazaar
Southeast      - Jo'Kerin Coliseum Stands
North          - Shrine Hills
North          - Temple of Schlyne
Southeast      - Jo'Kerin Coliseum Arena

The sprawling city of Jo'Kerin lies within the heart of the Ash Mountains.
Acursed from ages past, it has been a city of undead from time immemorial.
All manner of undead that had once dominated and overran its wide avenues has
begun to recede with the imprisonment of the four-armed demon, The Keeper of
Secrets  The streets are far from safe though, for the undead king will not
yield so easily, but life can now be found in isolated pockets within the
city  A trade center of sort has even begun to flourish within a section of
the old city.

Despite its curse, Jo'Kerin still boast of some of the greatest architectural
wonders of Alter Aeon, including the age old mage tower and the great
gladiatorial arena that is still in use by the undead king.  Those who would
seek this cursed city should be aware of a tribe of extremely territorial
dragon-ogres who have moved into the area not too far from the city's

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