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Alter Aeon Area - Village of Sussex

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Recommended Area Level:  32
Creator(s):              shadowfax druid grolantor
Location:                The Mainland of Atmir

Nearby Areas   -
Northwest      - The White Tower
Southwest      - The Rose Cathedral
Northwest      - Angels' Cry
East           - West Thalenwood Forest
Northwest      - Green River Valley

Sussex is a village of the western edge of the Thalenwood Forest.  Sussex
was a client of the Rubicon Principality before its dissolution, and, as
such, it is primarily populated by humans of Rubicon heritage.  The village
also has a fair number of half-orc and orcs living there--an underclass
formed through interaction with the nearby Shadowstrike tribe.

The people of Sussex are brewers and fishermen, collecting ingredients from
the nearby forest for drinks and harvesting food from the Ciernan and Green
rivers.  The village is largely isolated from other communities, and the
people of Sussex value their independence. 

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