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Alter Aeon Area - The Giftsmarsch

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Recommended Area Level:  36
Creator(s):              draak
Location:                The Mainland of Atmir

Nearby Areas   -
West           - Myconid colony under the Giftsmarsch
South          - The village of Albion
Southwest      - Mount Knochenaufsatz
Northeast      - The Jo'Kerin Pass
West           - Haunted Mansion in Hartmur

The Giftsmarsch is a strange forest growing in the ravines north of
Natschburg, along the southwestern side of the Jo'Kerin Pass. The
Giftsmarsch is most famous for its abundance of mushrooms, including some
truly impressive tree-sized specimens. Lesser mushrooms with unusual
properties can be foraged for in abundance beneath its eaves. Travelers
should beware, however, of the dangerous toxins and even more deadly
predators that live within the forest.  Man-eating fungi and clouds of toxic
mold spores are among the hazards one can expect. 

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