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Alter Aeon Area - The Village of Eisdorf

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Recommended Area Level:  39
Creator(s):              draak shadowfax kralen
Location:                The Mainland of Atmir

Nearby Areas   -
Southeast      - An abandoned mine
South          - The Karnash Peninsula, northern Dunn Hurr
West           - The Northern Ocean near the White Coast
South          - The Baronetcy of Anchorhead
Southwest      - The deeps of the Dunn Hurr

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Eisdorf is a village on the tip of the Karnash Peninsula at the extreme
northeast of the Dunn Hurr.

The majority of Eisdorf's residents are of the Dunnlander ethnicity:
sturdy, fair-skinned humans with light-colored hair and eyes, although,
like most Dunnlanders, the people of Eisdorf have a hint of orcish ancestry
in their gene pool which occasionally manifests as reddish eye color or
gray-tinted skin.  Eisdorf is also home to a significant population of
selkies, which are an all-female race of seal-like lycanthropes.  Selkies
can shapechange to look human, and most choose to do so in order to blend
in.  Selkies infrequently interbreed with humans, and their offspring are
sometimes selkies if female, but most are extremely attractive humans.  It
is for this reason that a selkie heritage is especially prized.

Eisdorfers are primarily hunters, although some do herd goats.  Others are
furriers and traders who sell their fur abroad, although they never
traffick in seal pelts out of respect for the selkies.  Eisdorf does have a
small port, but, even though Eisdorfers are a friendly lot, few sailors
stay long because of the frigid weather.

Most of the village is located on top of a snow-capped plateau, but some
selkies dwell on a tiny island just north of the plateau.  These selkies
live in a compound made entirely of ice called the Ice Fortress (although
it is sometimes referred to colloquially as "Castle Eisdorf").  It is also
the stronghold of their leader.

Eisdorf had been a rest stop for centuries for sailors, but it wasn't until
the era of the Kingdom of Dunnhurst that it became a noble community.  The
head of the largest clan in Eisdorf was Thor Jagerson, who became the first
Baron of Eisdorf. Thor discovered and made peace with the local selkies,
even taking one selkie to be his wife.  When he died, only his selkie wife
survived him, so she took upon herself the noble title, and the village has
been ruled by selkies ever since, passing their barony from mother to
eldest daugther.  Selkies are kind and compassionate creatures by nature,
and the Dunnlander villagers have prospered under their benevolent rule.

Since the fall of Dunnhurst, Eisdorf has had a stormy relationship with the
other city-states of the Dunn Hurr.  Eisdorf is currently harboring the
noble family of Takar, much to the consternation of many of its residents. 
Nearby Anchorhead is also the source of a great deal of antagonism. 
Eisdorf is considering allying with Ritterholm against Anchorhead to squash
its claims of nobility. 

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