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Alter Aeon Area - The Arbor Forest, east of Ralnoth

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Recommended Area Level:  29
Creator(s):              dentin heart
Location:                The Mainland of Atmir

Nearby Areas   -
South          - The Celestial Circle
East           - The Ralnoth Fen
West           - The Old Mud University in Ralnoth
West           - Sewers under Ralnoth
West           - The City of Ralnoth

To the east of Ralnoth a thin forest covers the landscape.   This forest is
home to many game animals, and provides a cheerful, relaxing place to walk
out and away from town.  The main trading road leads through it, and the
forest itself is home to a few hermits and druids.

The Arbor Cliffs are the most obvious landmark of this area of the world.
The strange rock face stands a thousand feet tall, rising abruptly out of
the middle of the forest.  The northern side is a sheer cliff, but the rock
face is shattered and broken, allowing it to be easily climbed.  The
southern side is a gentle climb, which can easily be walked up in a few
short hours.  From the top of the cliffs, one can see the ocean and fishing
village to the north, Ralnoth and the surrounding forest to the west, and
the dark forest, foothills, and Ash mountains to the east.

The far eastern and north-eastern edges of the forest are posted with signs
and should be avoided.  If you stumble too far east, you may find yourself
in the dark, thick woods from which few return.  Every year the light forest
seems to shrink, and some brave soul must fetch the warning signs and move
them a little farther west.  

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