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Alter Aeon Area - Hedge Maze, Lufia's Folly

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Recommended Area Level:  33
Creator(s):              shadowfax chance osiris
Location:                The Mainland of Atmir

Nearby Areas   -
Northwest      - Underground Tunnels, Lufia's Folly
West           - Sunken castle, Lufia's Folly
Southeast      - Province of Cornia
West           - Castle Avalon
Northwest      - The Fields of Florin

Related Quests -
Level 41       - Rescued the wizard Lufia from the Astral Plane

Lufia's Folly was once the city of Feiran, seat of a righteous and powerful
human city-state.  A magical catastrophe sunk the city and its castle
centuries ago.  The castle's defenses, consisting of golem-like topiary
creations, remain in force, however, protecting the sunken ruins from
adventurers who would plunder its secrets. 

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