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Alter Aeon Area - The Kurita Graveyard

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Recommended Area Level:  34
Creator(s):              draak
Location:                The Alter Aeon Mainland

Nearby Areas   -
West           - The Kurita Province
East           - Village of Hisui
Northeast      - Village of Bo Shin Tao
Southwest      - Royal palace of Daigaku-Tatami
Southwest      - Daigaku-Tatami, capital of Kurita Province

The people of Kurita Province, which includes the ruling city of
Daigaku-Tatami and its various colonies, inter their dead in a small
graveyard along the Amagawa River. The elaborate shrines are meant to honor
the dead, placating any restless spirits who may have left deeds undone.

While regarded as safe during the day, many people fear to enter the
grounds at night due to reports of hauntings.  

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