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Recommended Area Level:  31
Creator(s):              charis maxx
Location:                The Mainland of Atmir

Nearby Areas   -
West           - The Northern Ocean
West           - Dargonesti, water elves beneath north ocean
West           - Kitsune Island
South          - The fishing village of Siviri
Northeast      - The Golemist's Tower

Olympus, home of the gods. Since the beginning of time  this matchless place
has stood in awe and splendor for  those brave enough to travel the distance
to seek out its  greatness and glory. Oh how the tales of this golden city 
fill your mind with radiant palaces, giant thrones, and  untold treasures
that one can only dream about. 

Rumors of Olympus often fill the air in taverns and on street corners by
those lucky enough to have known someone brave and wise enough to find this
legendary city and return without losing their life along the way.

It is said that you can see gods walking about freely in the  courtyards and
gardens, while others prefer the endless comfort  of their mystical palace
rooms. Enchanted jewelry and magical  secrets are there for the taking, but
only for those that are willing to risk it all in hopes of finding them.

Of course, if Olympus does truly exist, then Hades must be real as well... 

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