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Alter Aeon Area - Southern Aztec Jungle

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Recommended Area Level:  34
Creator(s):              shadowfax islaine
Location:                The Mainland of Atmir

Nearby Areas   -
South          - Village of Inari, secret lair
South          - Village of Inari
South          - Daigaku-Tatami, capital of Kurita Province
Southeast      - Royal palace of Daigaku-Tatami
East           - The Kurita Province

Related Quests -
Level 38       - Is a Bearer of House Sumire

In the midst of the southern part of the Aztec Jungle is the Temple of
Sumire, a holy edifice dedicated to the goddess Islaine.  The building
floats above a small hillock, but the trees of the rain forest are tall
enough to conceal it from casual view. 

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