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Alter Aeon Area - The angelic outpost, Astral Plane of Air

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Recommended Area Level:  39
Creator(s):              lynx shadowfax draak
Location:                The Realms of Light

Nearby Areas   -
Southeast      - Empyrean Caliphate, Astral Plane of Air
North          - The Great Vortex, Astral Plane of Air
North          - Astral plane of air, white eternity
South          - The Astral Plane of Air, lower
South          - Astral plane of air, wind tunnels

Related Quests -
Level 39       - Sealed a rift between the elemental plane of darknes...
Level 40       - Killed a helpless angelbaby, just because they could.

Beyond the Astral Plane of Air are worlds of goodness and
prosperity beyond comprehension.  The beings that inhabit the 
outer realms of good are known as luami or angels.  They are 
rumored to have an outpost in the plane of air, a bastion of 
hope admist the relatively peaceful universe. 

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