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Alter Aeon Area - Elemental plane of darkness, core

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Recommended Area Level:  43
Creator(s):              draak
Location:                The Demon Realms

Nearby Areas   -
West           - Monastery in the Ash Desert
West           - Elemental plane of darkness, echo
North          - Elemental plane of darkness, forest

Related Quests -
Level 41       - Destroyed the Antidentin
Level 40       - Eliminated the dark scion of dragonkin, Uppsala Tal.
Level 38       - Restored the Shield of the Dark Lord
Level 43       - Eliminated the remaining members of the Order of Obl...
Level 40       - Eliminated the undead abomination, Tin'Sak Tal.

The most accurate information to be had regarding the origin of the elemental
plane of darkness, or shadow plane as it is also called, is gleaned from the
abridged writings of Gisco the Necromancer:
"It is said the Dentin created all things, but there is one thing He did not
create. . .the demon world of dread and darkness.  It is merely the byproduct
of His creation, the point in space where the disembodied souls of mortals
happened to collect in those early days of chaos when there had been no such
place yet prepared for them.  More and more desperate souls congregated in
that aeon to avoid the solitude of wandering the primal dimension alone--
space buckled and warped in protest, and the shadow world came to be.  Evil
Immortals found the plane. . .made it their own. . .[and] invented magics,
experimenting on the wretched spirits, preying on their desire to do anything
to rid themselves of their ghastly state by subjecting them to the most
horrific and unimaginably perverse spells.  They created powerful spectres
and wraiths in their demented workshops and raised entire armies of both
demon and undead.  True, the Evil Ones' plans were frustrated by the Forces
of Good, but their failure no longer matters, because this place, the
elemental plane of darkness, will forever remain theirs.  The Wards keeping
their creations in exile continue to weaken. . .and soon they will be upon us

The above was written in the year 354 of the reign of Dentin.  Nothing else
is known about the elemental plane of darkness, except that the occasional
strange creature who the gate keepers say is from the shadow plane has
entered the primal plane, speaking a language unheard of before and therefore
unable (and most of the time unwilling) to communicate the current state of
affairs in their dimension to scholars. 

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