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Alter Aeon Area - The Sashala fortress

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Recommended Area Level:  34
Creator(s):              shadowfax
Location:                The Mainland of Atmir

Nearby Areas   -
Southeast      - The Great Desert, north
Southwest      - The Alarba desert, land of legends
North          - The Dust Sea
East           - Village of Xochitl
South          - The Great Desert, south

Related Quests -
Level 39       - Defeated the elemental lord, the Water Baron.
Level 38       - Rescued a Benzani prisoner from the Sashala

The Sashala are a tribe of Jali humans that emigrated from the Wilderness
of Zin when faced with inevitable defeat by the Naginag Combine.  They
established a fortress in the foothills of the Ash Mountains at the
northeastern corner of the Great Desert, a fair distance northwest of
Xochitl.  They have not mixed well with the other local desert tribes and
have a reputation for being thieves and kidnappers.  Their way of life is
reportedly quite unusual, but the Sashala respond violently to outsiders
within their borders, and, as such, studies of their culture rely
exclusively on information gleaned from ransomed prisoners. 

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