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Alter Aeon Area - The farming community of Hildabrad

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Recommended Area Level:  11
Creator(s):              reorx shrew
Location:                The Island of Sloe

Nearby Areas   -
North          - The Ruins of Venezia
West           - Vault of the Fallen Star
West           - The Blue Marshes
Northwest      - The Greenwood
Northwest      - Pilar's Hideaway

Related Quests -
Level 11       - Found the key to the donation box.
Level 11       - Located and returned the key to the lockbox
Level 12       - Stole the church's meager donations.
Level 11       - Put a big fat rat on a diet, permanently!
Level 11       - Helped Joann to find her name tag.
Level 11       - Helped the town shaman to get rid of a bully.
Level 12       - Became an honorary member of the village of Hildabrad.
Level 12       - Delivered an important package from the mayor of Hil...
Level 11       - Accepted several quests from the mayor of Hildabrad.

The farming village of Hildabrad was founded by refugees from Dunnhurst
many years ago. The settlers intermingled with Zulians from the now defunct
communities of Barquisimeto and Venezia. The community is tightly
integrated, though Dunn Hurr culture prevails. It is east of Vemarken, near
the eastern edge of Sloe. It has a few shops. There is a priestess of Draak
and a chapel dedicated to the god Reorx. The leader of the village is the
mayor who has several quests for those curious adventurers.  

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