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Alter Aeon Area - Village of Bandera Azul

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Recommended Area Level:  11
Creator(s):              shadowfax
Location:                The Island of Sloe

Nearby Areas   -
Northeast      - Grotto Oxidado
Northwest      - Town of Pellam
North          - Fort Marguera
Northeast      - The Vemarken tower of Learning
Northeast      - Town of Vemarken

Related Quests -
Level 27       - Ate the kitten.
Level 11       - Did not eat the kitten.
Level 11       - Returned a lost child to his mother
Level 11       - Taught some punk kid a lesson he'll never forget.
Level 11       - Defeated a lesser pit fiend

On the southern shores of the island of Sloe is a strange village, unlike any 
other in the world.  Many scholars believe that Don Milano and and his colonists
set sail from here.  The worship of Shift is known to orginate from the it,
and many claim that he lived here as a mortal before ascending to godhood.
Their local hero, Santa Rita, was a priestess of Shift of great renown.

Bandera Azul, the Blue Flag, stands apart from the surrounding villages. The 
people are of a different race, speak their own language and have a unique culture.
They are hard-working, industrious and hospititable to strangers.  They have even 
been known to teach young adventurers how to fish. 

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