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Alter Aeon Area - The Baronetcy of Anchorhead

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Recommended Area Level:  39
Creator(s):              shadowfax draak kagome lionad
Location:                The Mainland of Atmir

Nearby Areas   -
Northwest      - The Karnash Peninsula, northern Dunn Hurr
West           - The deeps of the Dunn Hurr
North          - An abandoned mine
Southwest      - The Wasserwald in the Dunn Hurr
North          - The Village of Eisdorf

Related Quests -
Level 40       - Removed Rajendra from his house
Level 41       - Revived the Staff of Seasons.
Level 40       - Forcibly divorced Otto and Bala
Level 40       - Stopped Pranab from organizing a labor union
Level 40       - Repossessed a silver pocket watch from Lenny Numbers
Level 40       - Put the Drunken Donkey out of business

Anchorhead is a city located on the east coast of the Dunn Hurr, adjacent
to the Eastern Sea just south of the mountainous Karnash Peninsula.  It
lies along the Takari Trade Road, midway between Steinhaus and Eisdorf. 
The city is well defended by its strategic placement.  It is surrounded by
hills on all sides except the sea, and its port is a small bay encompassed
by high cliffs.  The bay is called Anchorhead Cove, from whence the city's
name is derived.

Anchorhead Cove was a haven for pirates for centuries until they were
brought to heel by the Kingdom of Dunnhurst.  The pacified pirates
continued to flourish by establishing a seaport for legitimate trade. 
Since the dissolution of the Kingdom of Dunnhurst a hundred years ago, the
city has rapidly grown in size and power, and now Anchorhead is the most
important hub of sea trade for that quarter of the world.  Despite their
current circumstances, Anchorhead is still ruled by a baronet, a
non-hereditary position.  The fact that Anchorhead is not considered to be
a "noble" city of the Dunn Hurr has been a source of resentmention through
the past few decades, so much so that the current baronet has recently made
a claim to a title of nobility and declared himself to be a lord of the
Dunn Hurr.  Naturally, the neighboring city-states disapprove any such
claim and consider it an act of hostility.

Where the rocky hills do not protected, tall walls of steel-reinforced
battlements fill in the gaps.  The largest structure in the city is Castle
Anchorhead, the stronghold of the baronet nestled by the west wall of the
city. Residents dwell in ramshackle plank homes north and south of the
Most business in the city is done near the castle.

Anchorhead is populated mostly by Dunnlanders: stout humans with
light-colored hair and eyes, however, there is a significant minority of
Takari, who are humans with dark brown skin and eyes and black hair.  A
notable number of half-orcs also live in the city.  Natives of Anchorhead
have a reputation abroad of being thieves and scoundrels, largely because
of the city's origins.  Of course, more than a few live up to this
reputation, which does little to help matters.  More accurately, Anchorites
are free-wheeling and fun-loving, prone to indulging whatever fancies them
at the moment.  The Takari tend to be more serious, but many of the
indigenous Takari are just as capricious as their Dunnlander cousins.  Some
of the Takari living in Anchorhead are refugees from the war with the
Naginag Combine, and strife exists between these newcomers and
long-standing natives as they compete for housing and resources.

In addition to sea trade, Anchorhead is the home of many skilled
shipwrights.  Anchorite boats are prized all over the known world. 
Anchorhead also exports precious stones and rare spices. 

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