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Alter Aeon Area - The Orc Village

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Recommended Area Level:  17
Creator(s):              prong
Location:                The Island of Kordan

Nearby Areas   -
East           - The giant beanstalk
South          - Qoorik's Underground Lair
West           - The Lost Outpost
South          - The Caves of Mendelius
South          - Forest west of Naphtali

Related Quests -
Level 19       - Put a stop to the abuse of a child.

A short overgrown trail in the forest northwest of the city of Naphtali
takes you to this tiny orc village.  For years the village has remained
a scant league shy of the walls of the city, and typical of their kind,
the orcs have been the minor nuisance that they are expected to be,
forcing the city to fortify its walls and post guards.

You wonder why, with all the raids that the orcs have made upon
neighboring villages, they haven't been eradicated by their many
enemies... then the smell hits you.  Choking and gagging on the stench
in the air, you want to leave, and quickly.

You admonish yourself, "This isn't the way a hero is supposed to act!" -
but at the same time, you cannot fault those who found cleaner and less
smelly fields upon which to stake their fame.  

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