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Alter Aeon Area - Obsidian trolls

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Recommended Area Level:  36
Creator(s):              shadowfax cobra
Location:                The Mainland of Atmir

Nearby Areas   -
Northwest      - The Southern Hills
Northeast      - The desolation of U'ras
South          - Haun's Mill
West           - The Mazon Plateau
Northwest      - Grippli Lake

Related Quests -
Level 39       - Rescued the wizard Khaile

Centuries ago, after the fall of Q'thelas, a tribe of murlocks called the
Trep'plechi rose in power and ruled the Southern Hills.  Unchallenged by
any other sentient species, the Trep'plechi prospered, developing and
improving their magical arts.

During the reign of the Trep'plechi, trolls began to migrate southward from
the Ash Mountains.  The murlocks overpowered and captured the trolls,
enslaving them and forcing them to endure terrible, magical experiments. 
Blending biomancy and geomancy together, they created a new species of
trolls to serve them as laborers and soldiers.  These black-skinned trolls
had hides as tough as stone and were larger and stronger than the trolls
from which they were bred.  Unfortunately for the Trep'plechi, the trolls
also turned out more intelligent than their forebearers, which proved to be
the murlocks' undoing.  The cunning trolls revolted against their masters
in a campaign of carefully planned violence and escaped into the
wilderness.  The confusion and destruction caused by their rebellion ruined
the Trep'plechi civilization, and they soon descended into savagery.

These obsidian trolls, as they are now known, are all male.  They are
believed to have been created that way in order to ensure their loyality,
but the obsidian trolls have discovered that they can create offspring with
the females of other trollkin.  However, due to their genetic peculiarity,
all of their offspring are also male.  It is because of this that they were
believed to have died out years ago, but recent reports confirm that they
do continue to dwell as a group in the Southern Hills, although the exact
location of their lair is unknown.  They interact peacably with none. 
Anyone encountered is viewed as a threat and is attacked, except for female
trolls.  These they usually attempt to subdue and kidnap, impressing them
into their harems.  This is how they have been able to survive the
centuries.  Even so, the blood of each generation of obsidian trolls is
more diluted in power that the former.  Though they are not nearly as
strong as they once were, obsidian trolls are still among the toughest of
trollkin.  Many artifacts of power from their former murlock masters are
said to still be in the obsidian trolls' possession, luring adventurers to
seek them out. 

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