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Alter Aeon Area - The Viking village raid

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Recommended Area Level:  23
Creator(s):              loki
Location:                The Island of Archais

Nearby Areas   -
Northwest      - Thieves den near Gad's Mountain
Northeast      - Fort Magnesia
Northeast      - Gad's Mountain South
North          - The Lotus Monastery
West           - The Forest of Brom

Related Quests -
Level 25       - Slew Locos, the terror under the well

The sound of battle, the smell of burning flesh in the air, and cries of
despair.  This is what the villagers of this unlucky town have come to
know as their own.  For whatever reason, a band of Vikings regularly
pillage this small town located on the island of Archais.

Looting anything they desire, the foul Vikings seem to like this town -
most likely for the sport, for the people are hardly rich after so many
raids.  Their baleful situation might just have been its accessibility...
being along the coast of the ocean.

While the Vikings are involved in the plunder of the tiny town, you might
be able to sneak on board their ship and scuttle it, so that they can no
longer bring terror to this village, or any other they may frequent.
However, the eerie figurehead upon the ship does give you pause, did it
just move? 

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