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Alter Aeon Area - Village of Stoke-on-the-Mound

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Recommended Area Level:  32
Creator(s):              mathayas guillermo pharel keiser shadowfax
Location:                The Mainland of Atmir

Nearby Areas   -
South          - Castle Avalon
West           - The Midlands
Northeast      - The Fields of Florin
East           - Sunken castle, Lufia's Folly
East           - Underground Tunnels, Lufia's Folly

Related Quests -
Level 38       - Saved a boy from the horrors of Stoke-on-the-Mound

Stoke-on-the-Mound is a village on the western slopes of Avalon Hill. 
Though fairly small, it is a very old settlement whose founding precedes
all other communities in the Kingdom of Avalon.

Stoke-on-the-Mound is inhabited by a reclusive clan of humans who shun
contact with those not of their village.  The village began as a settlement
of Vandarian colonists who mined coal and diamonds.  Once the mine ran dry,
the village's population dwindled to few families, who have lived there
generation after generation to this day.

While other Avalonians acknowledge that the people of Stoke-on-the-Mound
are loyal lieges of the crown, many strange rumors abound concerning their
odd idiosyncracies, lack of socialibility and probable incest. 

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