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Alter Aeon Area - Haun's Mill

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Recommended Area Level:  36
Creator(s):              draak shadowfax
Location:                The Mainland of Atmir

Nearby Areas   -
North          - Obsidian trolls
Southwest      - Southern Ocean, south of mainland
Southwest      - Shi'mon Island
Northwest      - The Mazon Plateau
East           - Southern Ocean sea caves

Related Quests -
Level 38       - Married the Black Arachnids

One fateful spring years ago, Haun Gillespie, with a company
entrepreneurs,  laborers and mercenaries, left the mountain
vale of Natchsburg to found  a colony along the Southern
Ocean in the Goldenleaf Forest, west of present-day
Minetown.  The first major task was constructing the lumber 
mill, which was simply called Haun's Mill. As the
community grew, the  name became attached to the entire
enclave. Two years later, Haun's Mill was peacefully annexed
by the Naginag Combine, even as the Combine's legions were
amassing to assault Natchsburg.

Today, Haun's Mill is a prosperous processing and
manufacturing community. It is also a major rendevous point
on the Combine's western frontier, and supplies the
metropolis of Behr'zok with most of its raw materials. The
prosperity has attracted merchants and tradesmen of all
sorts. Mercenaries  of the Eighth Legion are mingled with
the private security forces of Haun,  mostly orcs and ogres
from the Ash Mountains. Haun himself can sometimes  be
found patrolling the streets of his new home. 

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