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Alter Aeon Area - The city of Natchsburg

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Recommended Area Level:  36
Creator(s):              draak shadowfax
Location:                The Mainland of Atmir

Nearby Areas   -
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West           - The village of Albion
South          - The Elwood
Northwest      - The Giftsmarsch
South          - The Killing Fields of Sallipis

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Natchsburg was founded sometime in the third century of the Reign of
Dentin.  The people came from the north, traversing the Ash Mountains in
ancient times. If they are indeed descendants of the old fey folk of
Jo'Kerin, they are so far mingled with the blood of lesser races that no
trace of their heritage remains. The modern people of Natchsburg are a
robust breed of humans known as Northerners. They are light-skinned, stout
and hardy. In their wanderings, they forged relationships with some of the
more civilized orc tribes, and nearly all Northerners have had an orc or
even an ogre ancestor in the past five or six generations.

For nearly two centuries, the people of Natchsburg endured, surviving a
great plague and fending off (with varied success) attacks from orcs,
murlocks and humans from the mountains and the Wilderness of Zin.  At one
time they were even occupied by the Royal Army of Ubar, but predations by
the Draj the Storm Wyrm forced their withdrawl.

Almost immediately after its founding, Natchsburg befriended the Luz
murlock tribe.  When the the Luz founded the Luz Confederation, an alliance
of murlocks centered around K'tin Lake, the Confederation maintained
friendly ties with Natchsburg, trading peacefully and aiding one another in
times of need. The two cultures flourished.  The people of Natchsburg
became a highly sophisticated city ruled by a democratic mayorship and
eventually joined the Luz Confederation.

Then, the Naginag Combine reached Natchsburg.  The city had been preparing
for years: fortifying its borders and making alliances with murlocks and
the Jammu jann.  They watched the south as the Ooahu were conquered, when
Zin burned, as Sallipis was taken and rebuilt, as the Sarce Commune died,
as Ubar capitulated and finally as the Combine Legions amassed, built
engines of war and ringed them about with iron. For four long years,
Natchsburg and the Luz Confederation held out. Finally, the city fell and
was overrun by the furious Legions.  The Sack of Natchsburg is lamented to
this day.

The useful parts of the city were rebuilt.  The fields were replanted, the
Kings' Highway was repaired.  A keep, known as the Core, was built as the
headquarters for the First and Seventh Legions.  North of the Natchsburg,
high the mountains, Combine engineers and murlock geomancers hewed and
shaped the twin towers of the Fortress of Grand Ridge.  Ubar soldiers
patrol the fields. Naga and human warriors wait to pour from the Core at
the slightest sign of resistance. Trolls, orcs, ogres and other barbarian
peoples are hired as mercenaries to fill the ranks of the Eighth Legion. 

Ground under the Combine's  heel, the people of Natchsburg fester with
resentment. The taverns, shops and fields stink of unrest.  Heroes,
untested and untried, are waiting to lay hold  of their destinies. The
tiniest of sparks will ignite the fires of revolution. 

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