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Alter Aeon Area - West Naginag

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Recommended Area Level:  38
Creator(s):              draak shadowfax
Location:                The Mainland of Atmir

Nearby Areas   -
North          - The Mines of Minos
North          - The Fortress of Sutton Vu
Southeast      - The Ignora Trench
West           - The village of Dje
South          - Ooahu, on the Trollway

Related Quests -
Level 38       - Gained the service of a Quelese battle golem.
Level 38       - Reforged the three lost mail shirts of the Sun.
Level 40       - Broke up an illegal slavery ring operating in Rogoni...
Level 38       - Hunted down a sociopathic serial killer for the Nagi...

West Naginag is a port city on the eastern coast of Alter Aeon's main
continent.  The city is at the western end of the Behr'rooj Channel, due
west of the Isle of Naginag, and is just south of the Ash Mountains.  It
lies at the eastern end of the Dje Road, and at the northern end of the

West Naginag is home to several famous landmarks.  The largest and most
noteworthy is the ancient fortress of Sutton Vu, which lies on the city's
north side, butted up against the mountains.  Originally built by orcs,
travellers describe the massive, yellow-brown structure as reminiscent of
"the head of a great horned monster".  Tensor's Tower is tall column-like
building near the city's main gate whose walls resemble clouds, both inside
and out, and is the home of the great Quelese archwizard, Tensor.  The city
is centered around its traditional seat of government, Castle Rambert: a
squarish fortress made of gray stone from the mountains with a tall
cylindrical keep set over its front gate.  "Old Reliable" is the name of
the red and white candy-striped lighthouse erected on a tiny island just
offshore, which guides ships to the city's docks.  The city is also the
site of the Queen Azshara Memorial, which features a larger-than-life-sized
statue of the late Queen and is said to be the final resting place of her

The city has a long history.  A few hundred years ago, the orcish fortress
of Sutton Vu was liberated by murlock mercenaries under the employ of the
Order of Harmony.  Shortly thereafter, refugees fleeing oppression by the
wizard-kings of Q'Inag founded a settlement on the coast, not far from the
fortress.  The monks of the Order and the refugees allied with House
Rambert, a family of minor nobles who were vassals of the Dunn Hurr, and
founded the city.  Despite the wizard-kings' attempts to curb emigration
from the island, Westfall increased in prestige and population throughout
following generations, which each succeeding lord claiming a higher title
of nobility without challenge.  As Westfall rose in power, it increasingly
found itself in conflict with the nearby Ooahu tribe over control of
resources.  When the Duchy of Westfall became involved in the Trans-River
War, they fought against their murlock rivals, the budding Ooahu Empire. 
After several battles, neither side could triumph over the other, and the
war ended.  It wasn't long afterward that Queen Azshara came ashore and
made the infamous, secret bargain with the monks of the Order of Harmony
for governorship of Westfall.  The First Legion arrived, deposed the Duke
and occupied the city, which was renamed West Naginag and has been under
the rule of the Naginag Combine ever since.

The population of West Naginag is primarily human.  About two-thirds of
these are Quelese, with the rest being Dunnlanders (commonly called
Northerners) or of mixed Dunnlander/Quelese heritage.  West Naginag is also
home to a number of halflings, since an increasing number are emigrating
from the Isle of Naginag.  There are also a number of gnomes that call West
Naginag home, though some of them are slaves. 

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