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Alter Aeon Area - Monastery in the Ash Desert

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Recommended Area Level:  40
Creator(s):              draak
Location:                The Demon Realms

Nearby Areas   -
North          - Elemental plane of darkness, echo
East           - Elemental plane of darkness, core
Northeast      - Elemental plane of darkness, forest

In the center of the Ash Desert is the burnt-out husk of a village. On the
western side a monastery stands, all that remains of an outpost once
maintained by the Order of Harmony under the shadow of Jo'kerin. Desert
giants now inhabit the village walls, sheltered from the scouring winds of
the magma fields.

Before the Aztecs abandoned their old gods to worship the High Gods of the
Pantheon, they used to lay offerings of blood on southern edge of the Ash
Desert. These sacrifices were meant to appease Itzpapalotl, the Clawed
Butterfly, and her star demons, the tzitizimime, whom they believed dwell
in a realm called Tamoanchan, which could be reached from the shadows
within the ruined village. Legends say the tzitizimime emerge from this
otherworld during solar eclipses, and that they find the flesh and blood of
infants the most nourishing.  

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