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Alter Aeon Area - Forest of Tirgoth

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Recommended Area Level:  32
Creator(s):              unk
Location:                The Mainland of Atmir

Nearby Areas   -
East           - Thalenwood forest and Trinsic
Southeast      - The Midlands
Southwest      - The Florin-Verian Flowage
Northwest      - Village of Sussex
North          - West Thalenwood Forest

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The wilderness surrounding the enclave of Trinsic is the subject of much
rumor and little knowledge. Few have dared to cross the threshold of this
remote bastion of elven civilization, and still fewer have returned to tell
the tale, but the rumors passed in half-whispered conversations all bear
certain common features which lend credibility to the otherwise outlandish

Stories are told of a wild under a deep and ancient enchantment, of an
assortment of life, both plant and animal, acting under the direction of a
higher, immaculate intelligence. The woods, they say, are guarded, every
inch, against intrusion by dark ones, that the very trees themselves will
rise up against the presence of an evildoer.

Reports of various strange and sundry beings have been received, but none
more upsetting than those of the feral elven denizens of this outland
wilderness. Their origins remain shrouded in mystery, but several of the
Trinsic acedemia have suggested that such may have once been civilized
explorers, forever lost in the labyrinthine twists of the sentient wood,
their rationality slowly stripped from them in favor of the visceral call
of the ancient wild. 

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