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Alter Aeon Area - Village of Huixtocihuatl

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Recommended Area Level:  35
Creator(s):              draak shadowfax
Location:                The Mainland of Atmir

Nearby Areas   -
North          - The Ash Desert, dead reefs
South          - The Swamps of Sorrow
Southeast      - The salt flats
East           - Halite Caverns beneath the salt flats
South          - Hamlet of Basho-Shio

Related Quests -
Level 39       - Retrieved a lost relic from the abandoned Temple of ...
Level 39       - Brought a Tear of the Moon to an acolyte of Draak.

The village of Huixtocihuatl is the eastern most outpost of the Aztec
Empire. It serves mainly as a depot for the gathering of salt from the
nearby salt flats. Many adventurers use the village as a staging ground
into areas surrounding the flats and even into the Ash Desert to the north.

The village takes its name from Huixtocihuatl, a servant of the
pretender-god Tlaloc and self-proclaimed goddess of salt. She would come to
the village of her namesake to receive sacrifices of blood on her festival
day. After Don Milano slew Tlaloc and the Aztecs rebelled against their
gods, they sent their army to Huixtocihuatl to wait for her next festival.

After the time of her festival passed and she did not come, the Aztec
armies withdrew to Tenochtitlan. It was presumed she had been slain along
with Tlaloc. A few days later, Huixtocihuatl emerged from hiding. She
assaulted the unprepared village to avenge her fallen master. The villagers
fought valiantly, but were no match for the spurned giantess. The god Draak
heard their pleas for aid.

He appeared in a pillar of ice. The false goddess, thinking the Aztecs had
summoned an elemental, unleashed her fury upon the disguised god. The ice
boiled away, revealing Draak. With a single blow he laid Huixtocihuatl low.
She attempted to rise, but Draak smote her down, transforming her into a
salt statue.

The statue stands to this day, crouching on the steps of the abandoned
temple of Tlaloc. A nearby shrine, formerly dedicated to Itzpapalotl, a
dread goddess said to dwell in the Ash Desert, houses fragments of ice said
to have been shed by Draak as he weathered Huixtocihuatl's fury. 

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