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Alter Aeon Area - The capital city of Airam, Marketplace and Castle

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Recommended Area Level:  43
Creator(s):              morpheus jahmeir boreas
Location:                The Continent of Ramanek

Nearby Areas   -
East           - The capital city of Airam, Residential and Research Facility
Northeast      - The Caverns of Charstal
North          - The Wyvinian Stronghold
North          - Underwater ruins, watery passages
North          - Underwater ruins, the lost city

Related Quests -
Level 40       - Grounded the electrifying Dragon known as Zal'Shira.
Level 41       - Risked life and limb to rescue the Princess of Airam. 
Level 45       - Gathered a few herbs Balk needed for his petition in...
Level 39       - Collected some magical items for a sorceress to do v...
Level 39       - Discovered who was behind the break-ins in the capit...
Level 40       - Eliminated the den of thieves hiding in the capital ...
Level 40       - Recovered a very important book for the school of Wh...
Level 40       - Recovered a stolen family heirloom for a visiting di...
Level 40       - Recovered a stolen painting of Don Milano for the Hi...
Level 40       - Recovered some stolen herbs to save the life of a si...
Level 40       - Wiped out a den of thieves and returned their booty ...
Level 48       - Bounty collected: Azar the rogue.
Level 47       - Bounty collected: Kale the highwayman.

Located on the continent of Ramanek is the capital city of Airam. This is
a fairly large city with a castle, a research facility, several temples
to various gods and a variety of different shops. For those in search of
work they offer many jobs and several quests for the brave of heart and
those that like to explore. 

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