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Alter Aeon Area - The Florin-Verian Flowage

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Recommended Area Level:  32
Creator(s):              shadowfax bloodlust
Location:                The Mainland of Atmir

Nearby Areas   -
Northeast      - Forest of Tirgoth
Southwest      - Bugbear tunnels
East           - The Midlands
East           - An Abandoned Citadel
Southeast      - Mountains west of Orton

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Level 36       - Found medicinal ingredients for the apothecary in Me...

The Florin-Verian Flowage is an artificial waterway that takes on water
from the Ciernan and Florin Rivers, and flows south to sea via the Verian
River.  It acts as a natural border between the realms of Avalon and

A tiny village with a big history lies on the banks of the Florin River
where the Forest of Tirgoth and the Midlands meet called Mercia.  It was
once the seat of the one of the myriad human city-states that arose in the
latter years of the Age of Chaos.  Mercia's heyday came to an end when it
was conquered by the Rubicon Principality in 173 RD, and it remained a
Rubicon holding until it successfully rebelled in 201 RD.  After a short
stint as a Vandarian province, Mercia became a client of the Kingdom of
Avalon and has been such to this day.  Nowadays, Mercia's economy largely
revolves around fishing from the Florin-Verian Flowage.

When the Stone Dragon raised and hollowed out the mound that is now called
Avalon Hill to house his riches, it re-routed the Florin River, which used
to flow from Lake Florin directly to the Southern Ocean.  This flooded the
lowlands north of the hill, greatly expanding Lake Florin.

Later, under reign of King Arthur, a canal was dug from Lake Florin to an
old Vandarian strip mine west of the Midlands to contain the overflow and
drain the lowlands, transforming them into the fertile Fields of Florin
they are now.

Several decades ago, the Ciernan River began flowing south from the
Sinar'i Valley instead of north to the Green River like it had done
previously as a result of the Corruption of Chaos.  The depression has been
expanded by the Mercians to increase the current of the canal and prevent
more overflowage in recent years. 

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