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Alter Aeon Area - Spider Caves

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Recommended Area Level:  27
Creator(s):              astarte brawn morpheus
Location:                The Island of Archais

Nearby Areas   -
Northeast      - Dark Forest of Archais
Northeast      - The Trogdolyte City
Northeast      - Archais Troll Caves
West           - Tyranid caves
Southwest      - Shadowclaw swamp

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Hidden in the dark forest, lies a great cavern of spiders. Why any adventurer
would willingly enter such a deep, dark, damp cave is unknown. However, for
the brave of heart, it should prove a great adventure. The great spiders can
move silently through the cramped tunnels, only their multifaceted eyes
glinting in the light of your torch can give them away.

Some adventurers report that the cave system underneath the dark forest is
very extensive, and that a hidden entrance to the lost Trogdolyte Kingdom
might even be found.  Be careful not to get lost however, as reports of
creatures far more dangerous than spiders have also surfaced!

It would be unwise to travel alone in such a place. Even the hardiest of
explorers travel only in groups when in unknown cave systems. 

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